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First, if you haven't seen this please watch the whole 7:40 minutes. Then forward it to everyone you know and post it everywhere you can.

AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka blasts racism and underlines why workers should vote Obama in 2008. Excerpt of speech given at Steelworkers convention July 1, 2008, sponsored by USW President Leo Gerard. Read the entire speech at

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The esteemed & scholarly gentleman from Chicago, [ profile] mrdankelly desires that you listen up. I, parsimonious curmudgeon that I am, sponsored him yesterday. So what's your excuse? GO..RIGHT NOW! DO IT!

Hi all,

On October 18, 2008, starting at noon, I will commence to watch 24 hours of horror films in order to raise money for the Obama campaign. My tortured analogy? Nothing I'll watch during those 24 hours will be as horrifying as what's happened over the past eight years of the Bush administration. Will you sponsor me? It's easy. I'm off to a good start. A few of my blog readers have already contributed a total of $415 via the Obama fundraiser doohickey found below:

My goal is $1,000.

Calculate what you're willing to pay to keep me glued to that couch for a full day, rotting my brains out with monster, vampire, zombie, ghost, alien, and other spooky flicks, and then donate it to the campaign in a lump sum. You have my word that I'll only leave the couch to use the facilities, pay the pizza dude, and look after my son Nate's little emergencies. During the course of the marathon I'll also be blogging away happily (and no doubt blearily by 3 a.m.) at

Thanks! Please contribute! And remember to vote for Barack Obama!


Feel free to pass this around. And if you haven't already add [ profile] mrdankelly to your FL...he's good for a chuckle or two a day and might even grow up to be famous someday. :)


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