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On Tuesday 25 Sep 2007 at 5:42 AM ebaY time, a hacker posted 29
to 50 pages of ebaY user information on the ebaY Trust and Safety
discussion board (at approx 40 threads per page that is between
1100 and 2000 user IDs). The information was posted by using the
user ID and account of the user whose information was posted, and
included the ebaY user ID, email address, phone, name, street,
city, state, zip, country, feedback info, what site they
registered on, user status, powerseller status, payment method
they used to pay ebaY, credit card number (with expiration date),
credit card CVV2 code (the three digit security code on the back
of the card), whether they are id verified, if they have an ebaY
store and which site that is registered on, and if they are
PayPal verified or not verified. The threads that contained the
info also had a signature at the bottom of the post - SGI Inc. -
emocnI gnitareneG rof snoituloS (Solutions for Generating Income
spelled backwards) SGI Inc. is the company name used by Vladuz, a
hacker who has demonstrated that he has the ability to access
ebaY databases.

After around 90 minutes of exposure, ebaY shut down the Trust and
Safety board, occurring at around 7:15 AM, after trying to remove
the thread posts at a time (the hacker was faster at posting than
ebaY was at removing). One poster on the board discussing this
incident, who saw the information, ran one of the credit card
numbers posted through his merchant account verification, and it
came back correct. Other posters said the CC info was not
correct. Board posters got screenshots and compiled a list of
user IDs so folks could check to see if their user ID was posted.
When one board poster put the list on her ebaY Me page, ebaY
removed the page and gave her a pink slap (an official violation
notice with the threat of suspension).

We have a list of several hundred of the IDs we have compiled
from some of the screen shots we had access to and those lists
posted by other folks on various boards (including ebaY's) around
the net. You can view the list we compiled at this link. This
list is NOT complete as it is believed there were over 1500 user
IDs posted. You can find the Compromised User ID List at,17.0.html

To read the complete article and view screen shots of the posted
pages, go to -
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A: His/her lips are moving.

eBay Quashes Rumor over Store Fee Hikes
By: Ina Steiner
Fri Mar 30 2007 12:49:29
eBay is not raising fees for eBay Stores, spokesperson Brad Williams told me today. ChannelAdvisor CEO Scot Wingo had speculated on his blog yesterday that eBay would raise listing fees for Stores in April. He believes Store listings are growing too fast, and that auction listings are not growing fast enough.

Scot was referencing eBay's dilemma in balancing Store versus core listings, a problem that it revealed last summer when it decreased exposure for Store listings and increased Store fees.

"We don't have any plans to raise Store fees today. Scot is just wrong," Brad said. "As always, when we have major changes, we'll communicate with our community in a timely and comprehensive way."

Read the rest

Core (auctions and fixed price running for 3,5,7 days) does not work for most sellers. Stores work. Period end.
What do we have to do to get this through Meg & Bills thick skulls?

Here's the thread on the eBay discussion board about this:


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